1Who can apply as a Business and as an Investor?
Business: They are any kind of legal business that is profitable, and has sufficient cash flow to settle the dues. Investors: Any investor who has the legal rights, knowledge, experience, high net worth and capability to invest.
2How long does the application process take to reach financial closure?
The application process takes up to 45 days to reach financial closure.
3Do I have to be based in a certain country in order to apply?
BCommunity serves anyone that matches the legal criteria of each country.
4When do I receive access to the list of companies that need finance?
Once you have registered, you will be able to review the list of companies that need finance.
5Can changes be made to the application after submission on BCommunity?
Yes, changes can be made within two working days.
6If an application is declined, when can I re-apply for a new one?
If the rejection is for a specific reason, you can re-apply for a new application after adjusting and correcting the declining reason.
7Is there also an approval process for changes for any amendments on the personal profile or any application request?
Our team will review the standards and send an approval within two working days.
8How often the profile should be updated?
In case you have new updated info.
9Can multiple users be created for one account?
No, The account has one user name and password.
10What can I do to minimize the investment risk?
By selecting the companies that has sound financial position to invest in and the investor could select insurance option (if activated).
11If funding does not succeed, are investors obligated to pay anything?
No, the investors are not obligated to pay anything.
12Can I sell my shares at a later date?
Yes, by submitting a request in the business section to sell them.
13More Questions?
For other questions, please send your inquiries on “ Contact us”.